batte melt pump

Rubber gear pump design

Rubber gear pump design can be introduced from gear design and design for rubber. Gear design includes helical gear, spur gear, and herringbone gear. Pump design includes viscoseal, driven shaft, etc.

Elastomeric gear pump

Elastomeric gear pump for quick maintenance is suitable for frequent colour changes or small batch sizes. Elastomeric gear pump types, benefits, application operational range, and advantages are as follows.

Discontinuous-operation high-speed gear pump

Discontinuous-operation high-speed gear pump is suitable for rapid and effective processes. Gear pumps can play a role in relieving the extruder gear of dynamic pressure build-up by the start-stop method.

Gear melt pump systems

Gear melt pump systems include melt pumps (chemical and industrial pumps, elastomer extrusion pumps, thermoplast Extrusion Pumps, and polymer industry), extrusion control systems, auxillaries, etc.

Thermoplast Extrusion Pumps

Thermoplast Extrusion Pumps make a constant flow of material, generate the required operating pressure and therefore relieve the extruder of pressure build-up and optimise the extrusion process of thermoplastics.

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