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What is the effect of melt temperature on melt pump

In the process of operation, the stability of the melt pump is relatively good, and the flow rate is also very reliable, generally not easy to be disturbed by the surrounding environment. However, only some characteristics of the melt will interfere with the normal operation of the melt pump, especially the melt temperature, which will have a certain impact on the melt pump . Because the temperature of the melt is unstable, or there is always high and low temperature, it will affect the change o

Application Field of Rubber Melt Gear Pump

Rubber melt gear pump is mainly used in the extrusion of rubber, similar to plastic melt gear pump . Because of its hard working characteristics and strong adaptability to different types of rubber, head resistance and operating conditions, rubber gear pump is widely used, especially in precision extrusion molding and filtering. Rubber technology and calendering feed have obvious advantages, and have become a new hotspot in the field of international rubber and thermoplastic elastomer processing

Special melt pump for pipe

Bate melt pump is a special melt pump for pipes . It is mainly used for transporting, pressurizing and measuring high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt. Its main function is to pressurize and stabilize the high temperature melt from the extruder to keep the melt flow accurately and steadily into the extruder head. Nowadays, melt gear pump has been widely used in chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, plate, profile, pipe, wire and cable, drawing, composite extrusion and othe

Sliding Bearing State Affects the Working Efficiency of Melt Pump

The high efficiency working state of the sliding bearing of the melt pump should be that the driving shaft and the inner surface of the sliding bearing can form a relatively uniform liquid film, which can completely separate the shaft from the two metal surfaces of the sliding bearing, and the liquid film will play the role of supporting the load of the shaft. When the melt pump stops running, the journal will be at the lower part of the sliding bearing. The two metal surfaces will contact direc

Melt pump optimizes the performance of extruder

The unique volume design of high viscosity melt pump enables it to transport polymer accurately and steadily, provide pressure between extruder and die, match extruder parameters, and provide uniform melt in the case of increased output and strict tolerance requirements. It is not affected by the changes of pressure, temperature and viscosity. The melt pump is perfectly matched with the extruder, and the extrusion process is optimized. The batte ZB series high viscosity melt pumps provide the re

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