batte melt pump

Chemical metering gear pump

Chemical metering gear pump is a gear pump that delivers precise metering tasks of low to medium viscosity media in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. This small gear pump is used for viscous fluids.

Gear pumps applications

Gear pumps applications are very wide. The pumps with gear structure are all called gear pumps, and our gear pumps are melt pumps which are mainly for chemical industry, polymer extrusion industry, food industry, etc.

Gear pump for extrusion applications

Gear pump for extrusion applications is mainly used in conjunction with extruders or kneaders. The extrusion pump is essential for precision films extrusion or micro granulates conveyed in a gentle manner.

Extrusion gear pump specifications and seals

Extrusion gear pump specifications include pump sizes, viscosity, temperature, suction pressure, differential pressure, etc. Extrusion gear pump seals can be Viscoseal (VS), Stuffing Box, and other types as required.

Rubber gear pump advantages

Rubber gear pump advantages are mainly reflected on their technology, design, functions and applications. Rubber gear pump is suitable for typical rubber compounds, products and optional equipment.

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