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Extrusion gear pump specifications and seals

Extrusion gear pump specifications include pump sizes, viscosity, temperature, suction pressure, differential pressure, etc. Extrusion gear pump seals can be Viscoseal (VS), Stuffing Box, and other types as required.

Rubber gear pump advantages

Rubber gear pump advantages are mainly reflected on their technology, design, functions and applications. Rubber gear pump is suitable for typical rubber compounds, products and optional equipment.

Rubber gear pump design

Rubber gear pump design can be introduced from gear design and design for rubber. Gear design includes helical gear, spur gear, and herringbone gear. Pump design includes viscoseal, driven shaft, etc.

Elastomeric gear pump

Elastomeric gear pump for quick maintenance is suitable for frequent colour changes or small batch sizes. Elastomeric gear pump types, benefits, application operational range, and advantages are as follows.

Discontinuous-operation high-speed gear pump

Discontinuous-operation high-speed gear pump is suitable for rapid and effective processes. Gear pumps can play a role in relieving the extruder gear of dynamic pressure build-up by the start-stop method.

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