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melt pump for processing multiple polymers

Polymer extrusion melt gear pumps have been widely used in the production lines of chemical fiber, film, profile, pipe, sheet, cable, compound extrusion, pelletizing, etc. The materials that can be processed cover most polymer materials, such as: PE, PC, PP, PVC, HIPS, PS, PET, PUR, fluoropolymers, poly sulfone, polyester, thermoplastic elastomer, rubber, and hot adhesives.

melt pump for film plant

Plastic melt gear pump is mainly used for processing thermoplastic polymer melt with relatively low viscosity, which is widely used at home and abroad and can be used in extrusion molding of most plastic products. Especially in the field of precision extrusion and molding of biaxially oriented film, nonwoven fabric, coating, wire and cable, multilayer composite film, chemical fiber, etc., plastic melt gear pumps have been widely used. Batte melt pumps have been studied to some extent on the principle, performance, structural characteristics and application technology of plastic melt gear pumps.

eva extrusion melt pump

Rubber melt gear pumps are mainly used in extrusion molding of rubber. Similar to plastic melt gear pumps, rubber melt gear pumps have become a new hot spot in the international rubber and thermoplastic elastomer processing field due to their hard working characteristics, adaptability to different rubber types, head resistance and operating process conditions, and therefore have a very wide range of applications, especially in precision extrusion molding and filter rubber processes and calendering feeding with obvious advantages.

rubber melt pump

The research, development and manufacture of extrusion gear pumps and the application of melt pump screen changers in the production and processing of plastic and rubber products are an important part of Batte Melt Pumps' history. The wealth of knowledge accumulated during decades of cooperation with customers worldwide is reflected in the zb-h melt pumps. Today, gear pumps for extrusion and plastics production in the chemical industry are used to pump a wide range of polymers. New knowledge is continuously applied to the development and improvement of melt pumps.


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