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Why do melt pumps use helical gears?

Melt pumps are equipment that provide transportation for industrial production, and their components also need to be efficient and durable to ensure stable operation of the melt pump. Especially gears, which rotate at a very high speed in operation, the selection of gears also needs special attention. So, why do many companies prefer to choose helical gears?

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In fact, the purpose of choosing helical gears is mainly because the pressure fluctuation can hinder the operation of gears during operation, so choosing helical gears can reduce the interference of pressure fluctuation to gears. At the same time, helical gears have a great advantage. That is to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning. Therefore, manufacturers deliberately design gears with helical gears without actually being careful. If the angle of the gear is not sufficiently designed, the friction between the gear and the radial groove will occur. If this friction is very large, the phenomenon of incision will easily occur, and the incision may not be known to many people, but experts know that if the gear of the melt gear pump incises, gear failure will certainly occur, affecting the normal use of the melt gear pump later.

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That is to say, the size of the gear, size design manufacturer after a rigorous rigidity check, the size of the gear and size is not designed, then deformation, clearance and other problems will occur. The gear is no longer a benefit assistant of the melt pump, but will become various burdens of the melt gear pump and hinder the normal use of the melt gear pump. Therefore, the design of gears is a very important part of the work and must be designed according to the actual use environment.

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