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Discontinuous-operation high-speed gear pump

Discontinuous-operation high-speed gear pump is suitable for rapid and effective processes. Gear pumps can play a role in relieving the extruder gear of dynamic pressure build-up by the start-stop method.

high-speed gear pump

Discontinuous-operation high-speed gear pump Benefits:
Rigid shafts with excellent wear resistance
Individually-adjustable pump setup with regard to shape and configuration
Performance and throughput

Discontinuous-operation high-speed gear pump application operational range:
Outlet pressure [bar]: Up to 800 bar (intermittent < 1 s)
Differential pressure [bar]: Up to max. 600 (intermittent < 1 s)
Pump size: 22 to 56
Specific volume [cm3/rev]: 8.6 to 92
Throughput range [kg/m]: 0.035 to 6.9
Viscosity [Pas]: Up to 15,000
Temperature [°C]: Up to 120

Discontinuous-operation high-speed gear pump features:
In some areas of rubber processing applications, process technology constraints mean that a discontinuous operation of the extrusion system yields better results. In particular, to relieve the extruder gear of dynamic pressure build-up, extrusion gear pumps have been proven to be exceptionally useful and reliable with the start-stop method. In this case, the dynamic loads that are generated make rigorous demands on the pump bodies, shafts and bearings.

To withstand the high bending forces, the Discontinuous-operation high-speed gear pump series is equipped with special shaft bearing properties. After long-term testing, the HSE series offers gear pump models of the latest generation that deliver the same lifetime of service as a conventional gear pump even at high dynamic loads.

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