batte melt pump

Melt pump seal properties

Melt pump seal properties include min. suction pressure, max. suction pressure, max. temperature, viscosity, output, etc. Batte adopts advanced technology to ensure the best seal properties.

Chemical magnetic coupling seal

Chemical magnetic coupling seal is in principle constructed in the same way as the CHEM but with a synchronous magnetic coupling forming the shaft seal. The advantages and principle details are as follows.

Mini melt pumps

Mini melt pumps are widely used for dosing tasks, transfer task, and discharge tasks. This type gear pump will be introduced through the technical features, operating parameters, and applications.

Extrusion melt pump specifications

Extrusion melt pump specifications include viscosity, temperature, inlet pressure, differential pressure, and pump sizes. Extrusion melt pumps are widely used to manufacture of precision films or micro granulate.

Melt pumps for extrusion

Melt pumps for extrusion have different types, technical features, operating parameters, wide applications, and different type of seals. Melt pump for extrusion is mainly used in conjunction with extruders or kneaders.

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