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Composition of High Temperature and High Viscosity Melt Gear Pump

High temperature and high viscosity melt gear pump is mainly composed of pump body, front and rear side plates, two meshing gears, bearings and seals; The space formed by the tooth profiles of two gears, the pump body and the side plate constitutes the feeding area, the conveying area and the discharging area of the pump. Gear is the core part of high temperature melt extrusion gear pump , and its structural forms are various; According to the meshing mode, it can be divided into internal and ex

What is the correlation between the service life of high temperature melt pumps and bearing seals?

High-temperature melt pumps mainly work in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. In the daily maintenance of high-temperature melt pumps, a lot of work takes place on the seal. Therefore, the sealing method and the selection of sealing materials are very important for the pump, which determines the subsequent performance of the high-temperature pump. Whether efficient production operation. The main seals of high-temperature melt pumps are between the melt pump body and the front and r

What are the characteristics of the structure of the rubber melt gear pump?

In the rubber and plastics industry, melt gear pumps are widely used in the pressurization and metering of plastic and rubber melts. However, due to the easy decomposition of rubber and other reasons, the conventional melt pump cannot meet its production needs due to the tendency of over-temperature. In addition, due to the pressure fluctuation of the upstream incoming material, which affects the size and quality of the rubber product, the sleeve of the gear shaft is usually opened with a spiral

What are the factors related to the leakage of the melt pump?

During the use of the melt pump, due to improper operation, operating conditions and other issues, the melt will leak. Zhengzhou Battes melt pump manufacturer analyzes the reasons for the leakage of the melt pump from the following four aspects. 1. Le

Selection of working temperature and working pressure of melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte is a manufacturing enterprise with decades of experience in RD and production of melt pumps. The melt pump equipment provided includes: standard extruder melt pump, high temperature and high pressure melt pump, PVC special melt pump , low viscosity Melt pumps, etc. The working temperature and working pressure of the melt pump in daily use are as follows. The working pressure of the melt pump: the inlet pressure of the melt pump does not need to be too high, generally 3-5 MPa, and

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