batte melt pump

Spare Parts for products

Spare Parts for products includes cutting rotor, feed roll or die plate, a new shaft, and seal or control component. We stand ready to support our installed base of equipment with service and parts for a very long time.

Melt Pump Repair Service

We repair and overhaul all kinds of melt gear pumps: industrial and chemical, extrusion as well as for other polymer processing and compounding applications – even melt pumps from other manufacturers.

Metering melt pump for polymer fluids

Metering melt pump for polymer fluids is specifically designed to convey and measure fluids that have a low medium viscosity, and widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and polymer industries.

Reactor discharge gear pump

Reactor discharge gear pump is high-pressure melt pump for viscous fluids for reactor discharge. The enhanced inlet entrance of melt pump for reactor assures constant material flow towards the gear wheels.

High-pressure gear pump for molten plastics

High-pressure gear pump for molten plastics is extrusion melt pump used as an accessory to extruders or kneaders. This type high-pressure melt pump has wide industrial applications and benefits for customers.

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