batte melt pump

batte rubber melt pump

product description: The rubber melt pump is used for the elastomer and the easily degradable plastic extrusion system. This type of pump adopts the special internal structure and has an efficient self-cleaning function. It is suitable for the extrusi

batte extrusion Gear pump

Gear pump is usually used in conjunction with single or twin screw extruders.In this paper,the gear pump and its applications in extrusion system are introduced.​ We gear pump manufacture slugs and preforms for compression molding. This equipment can also make precision extruded rubber cord stock. Rubber cord stock and or rubber preforms can be screened, precisely cut at the die face or downstream. We can also screen large rubber strip stock and put in to smaller, accurate strip sizes for inject

batte polypropylene melt pump

Available in a wide variety of capacities and models, the polypropylene melt pump provides accurate, consistent and reliable fluid metering for virtually all polymers used in the plastics industry including: Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, Acrylic, Cellulose, Spandex, and many specialty fibers. The benefits of using a polypropylene melt pump 1, to improve the dimensional stability - polypropylene melt pump effectively isolate the die and the pressure fluctuations from the upstream, the extrusio

ZB-K gear pump for reactor

Chemical gear pump for reaction kettle also called polymer extrusion reactor discharge pumps. Chemical reactor gear pumps are widely used for production of monomers, oligomers, and other applications.

ZB-D pipeline gear pump

Pipeline gear pump ZB-D series pipeline pump, also known as gear pipeline pumps, is mainly used for smooth flow of pressurized polymer layer of high-viscosity transmission medium. This series of melt pump adopts conduction oil heating, and applies to PET, PBT, PA, PC, PS, SAN, ABS, HIPS, PP, PE, POM, etc.

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