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Ways to Improve the Theoretical Flow Rate of Melt Metering Gear Pump

Increase the gear diameter, tooth width, speed and reduce the number of Melt Metering Gear Pump . Too high N will shorten the time for the gear teeth to rotate the suction chamber The increase of N and diameter increases the circumferential velocity and centrifugal force of gears. Increasing the difficulty of inhalation, P at the root of the tooth decreases, gas may be released, resulting in Q reduction, vibration and noise, and even make the pump unable to work. Therefore, the maximum circumfer

A Better Scheme for Extending the Life of extrusion gear pump

In the actual operation of extrusion gear pump , because of the unbalanced radial force, the bearing of high temperature melt pump is damaged prematurely and the pump is scrapped ahead of time, which is an important factor restricting the prolongation of life of high temperature melt pump. How to effectively improve bearing capacity, Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump Manufacturer gives the following proposals. By improving the lubrication and cooling conditions of extrusion gear pump bearings, oil absor

Gear Outer Wheel Technology of Melt Gear Pump

At present, it is controversial whether the honing process of the outer gear of the melt gear pump can reduce the gear accuracy. However, as long as technological measures are taken, the gear accuracy can be maintained, the roughness of the tooth surface can be reduced, the burr can be removed reliably, and the knocking damage can be prevented, the gear rotation noise can be effectively reduced. For the whole transmission, in the assembly process, we must strictly operate the rules, conscientiou

The accuracy of mechanical installation affects the driving torque of melt pump

The control part of the melt pump is usually composed of frequency conversion motor, gear transmission, transmission shaft and so on. In the process of installation, it is necessary to find the concentricity of the input shaft and the output shaft of the melt pump manually. The deviation of the concentricity is compensated by universal coupling. This method can allow greater deviation of the concentricity. In general, the space intersection angle between the axis line of the melt pump and the ax

How much output can be increased by adding melt pump to extruder

Question: How much output can be increased by adding melt pump to extruder? Answer: In order to increase the output of the extruder, after adding Haike melt pump, the pressure fluctuation of the extruder is larger after the melt pump , which can make the pressure inside the extruder decrease, the shear strength of the melt decrease, the temperature curve is gentle, and the temperature rise decrease. Especially in the old extruder after several years of operation, the internal screw and barrel wi

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