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What is the correlation between the service life of high temperature melt pumps and bearing seals?

High-temperature melt pumps mainly work in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. In the daily maintenance of high-temperature melt pumps, a lot of work takes place on the seal. Therefore, the sealing method and the selection of sealing materials are very important for the pump, which determines the subsequent performance of the high-temperature pump. Whether efficient production operation. The main seals of high-temperature melt pumps are between the melt pump body and the front and rear covers, at the drive gear shaft and at the inlet and outlet flanges.

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Among the sealing forms of high-temperature melt pumps, the combination of packing seal and mechanical seal is a commonly used form. Compared with the spiral seal, it has a simple structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, and can comprehensively exert the advantages of packing seal and mechanical seal. Packing seal is a commonly used form of shaft seal, but the selection of packing, sealing performance and structural design directly affect the effectiveness of the seal. The essence of the packing seal is to use the soft characteristics of the packing. Under the action of the axial compression force, the contact stress generated by the radial obstruction of the possible melt leakage can block the effect of the pressure of the sealed melt. Therefore, it is required that the radial contact pressure at the bottom of the stuffing box must be equal to or greater than the pressure of the sealed melt, which is a very important theoretical criterion in structural design. The packing seal device is usually composed of a stuffing box shell, soft packing and a packing gland. The soft packing can be high temperature resistant carbon fiber. Put it between the stuffing box and the pump shaft and press the gland to force it to deform to achieve sealing. At present, most of the high-temperature melt pumps provided by Zhengzhou Batte melt pump manufacturers use a combination of packing seal and mechanical seal to ensure the efficient production and operation of the equipment.

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