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Melt pump seal properties

Melt pump seal properties include min. suction pressure, max. suction pressure, max. temperature, viscosity, output, etc. Batte adopts advanced technology to ensure the seal properties of extrusion melt pump.

melt pump seal
Melt pump seal properties:
Single mechanical seal (ED) specifications:

Min. suction pressure: 1 bar (15 psig)
Max. suction pressure: 15 bar (215 psig)
Max. temperature: 300°C (580°F)
Viscosity; 0.2 to 50.000 mPas (cP)

Vacuum mechanical seal (AD), buffered specifications:
Min. suction pressure: vacuum
Max. suction pressure: 5 bag (75 psig)
Max. temperature: 250°C (500°F)
Viscosity : 0,2 to 100.000 mPas (cP)

Double mechanical seal (DD), buffered specifications:
Min. suction pressure: Vacuum
Max. suction pressure: 15 bar (psig)
Max. temperature : 300°C (580°F)
Viscosity: 0,2 to 1.000.000 mPas (cP)

Chemical magnet with magnetic coupling seal design specifications:
Suction pressure: vacuum to max. 700 bar (10.150 psig)
Differential pressure: max. 120 bar (1.740 psig)
Temperature: max. 500°C (1000°F)
Viscosity: 0,5 to max. 30.000mPas (cP)
Output: 20 to max 20.000l/h

Viscoseal specifications:
Max. temperature: 450°C (850°F)
Viscosity: 10.000 to 40.000.000 mPas (cP)

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