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Extrusion melt pump specifications
Extrusion melt pump specifications include viscosity, temperature, inlet pressure, differential pressure, and pump sizes. Extrusion melt pumps are widely used to manufacture of precision films or micro granulate.
extrusion melt pump
Extrusion melt pump specifications:
Viscosity: up to 40000 Pas
Temperature: up to 400°C (752°F)
Inlet pressure: up to max. 120 bar (1740 psig)
Differential Pressure: up to 250 bar (3625 psig), special models also available for higher pressure differentials
The values listed are maximum values and must not coincide under certain circumstances.
Pump Sizes: from 22/22 (4.7cm3/U - 10kg/h) up to 280/280 (12000cm3/U). Intermediate sizes, with narrower gear wheels for higher differential pressure, are possible, e.g. 140/90 (690 cm3/U).

Melt pump seals specifications:
Viscoseal (VS): max. temperature: 450°C (850°F); viscosity: 10000 to 40000000 mPas (cP)
Stuffing Box: max. temperature: 350°C (660 °F); viscosity: up to 40000000 mPas (cP)

Batte can design, and manufacture polymer extrusion pump as per the industry standards or requirement of customers. More details about extrusion melt pump specifications please contact us freely.

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