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Chemical magnetic coupling seal

Chemical magnetic coupling seal is in principle constructed in the same way as the CHEM but with a synchronous magnetic coupling forming the shaft seal. The advantages and principle details are as follows.

chemical magnetic coupling seal

Chemical magnetic coupling seal principle and advantages:
The magnetic coupling lends itself to conveying poisonous or flammable substances, as well as for operation at high system pressures. Special versions can be used for inlet pressures of up to 700 bar (10152 psig).

The containment shell of the magnetic coupling can be of the double-walled type. The double wall serves heating the coupling can. The double-walled containment shell can be provided with a leakage-monitoring system for particularly critical processes. The containment shell is filled with inert gas, in order to detect damage. If this gas escapes to the inside or outside, depending upon which wall is damaged, a pressure sensor will trigger an alarm. Because one wall of the double-walled containment shell is still intact, the possibility of the hazardous medium being conveyed leaking into the environment will be eliminated.

A particular highlight of the BATTE - Magnetic Coupling is the inner magnetic rotor's separate bearing. This ensures that only torque is transferred to the pump's drive shaft. The relatively heavy weight of the inner rotor is taken up by this bearing, thus relieving the extrusion melt pump's bearings.

BATTE's flange bearing design offers the additional advantage of preventing the inner totor from touching and damaging the containment shell. In competitor´s design it is possible for the inner rotor to touch the containment shell after pump bearings wear. Our Chemical magnetic coupling seal design provides the safty of an additional bearing to insure the inner rotor can not touch the containment shell.

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