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Application Field of Rubber Melt Gear Pump

Rubber melt gear pump is mainly used in the extrusion of rubber, similar to plastic melt gear pump. Because of its hard working characteristics and strong adaptability to different types of rubber, head resistance and operating conditions, rubber gear pump is widely used, especially in precision extrusion molding and filtering. Rubber technology and calendering feed have obvious advantages, and have become a new hotspot in the field of international rubber and thermoplastic elastomer processing.

The rubber gear pump extruder provided by Butt Melt Gear Pump Manufacturer can be used for rubber filtration, preheating, plasticization and moulding, extrusion feeding to calender, matching with hot feeding extruder, cold feeding extruder and cold feeding exhaust extruder to carry out compound extrusion, conveying, traction belt and leveling of tire blank. Extrusion moulding of sheet products, rubber hoses, rubber strips, inner tubes, wires and cables, gluing of cots and filling of high capacity casting moulds.

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