batte melt pump

Melt pump optimizes the performance of extruder

The unique volume design of high viscosity melt pump enables it to transport polymer accurately and steadily, provide pressure between extruder and die, match extruder parameters, and provide uniform melt in the case of increased output and strict tolerance requirements. It is not affected by the changes of pressure, temperature and viscosity. The melt pump is perfectly matched with the extruder, and the extrusion process is optimized.

The batte ZB series high viscosity melt pumps provide the required pressure and reduce the work of the extruder, thereby reducing the shear heat and the required torque and eliminating fluctuations. All these optimize the performance of the extruder and provide the following advantages:

Effectively isolate the fluctuation between the die and the upstream, reduce the use of raw materials, so that the final product size changes little and improves the dimensional stability.

Control the melting quality, adjust the back pressure of extruder to reduce the residence time, stabilize the plasticizing effect and reduce the melting temperature. Increase production and increase efficiency

It eliminates the fluctuation and impact of the extruder, enhances the flexibility of the extruder and simplifies the operation.

The working strength of the extruder is reduced and the service life of the extruder is prolonged.

The production cost is reduced and the production efficiency is improved.

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