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What is the effect of melt temperature on melt pump

  In the process of operation, the stability of the melt pump is relatively good, and the flow rate is also very reliable, generally not easy to be disturbed by the surrounding environment. However, only some characteristics of the melt will interfere with the normal operation of the melt pump, especially the melt temperature, which will have a certain impact on the melt pump. Because the temperature of the melt is unstable, or there is always high and low temperature, it will affect the change of the viscosity of the melt power, and the change of the viscosity of the melt power will affect the pressure of the melt pipeline. Once the pressure increases, it will affect the melt pump, resulting in the inaccuracy of the accuracy of the melt pump and other issues. Therefore, the temperature change of the melt can not be too large, nor can the phenomenon of high or low temperature occur frequently, which has a great impact on the dynamic viscosity of the melt. However, to ensure that the melt temperature does not change, or to increase the stability of the melt temperature, there are many details that need to be noted. Because the melt needs pipeline transportation, in the process of transportation, if the temperature can reach equilibrium, then naturally there will be no change in the viscosity of the starting force, so in the process of transportation, try to ensure that the temperature can reach equilibrium, so when the melt reaches the melt pump, the temperature will be relatively stable. Now.

  In short, for melt temperature control, must be in the pipeline transportation, first control. Otherwise, it would be a little late to adjust the temperature after the melt was transported, and there would be more problems. Therefore, in the beginning of using the melt pump, the first thing to do is to check the melt temperature changes, to see if it is within the normal range, if not normal, it needs to be adjusted in time.

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