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A Better Scheme for Extending the Life of extrusion gear pump

  In the actual operation of extrusion gear pump, because of the unbalanced radial force, the bearing of high temperature melt pump is damaged prematurely and the pump is scrapped ahead of time, which is an important factor restricting the prolongation of life of high temperature melt pump. How to effectively improve bearing capacity, Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump Manufacturer gives the following proposals.

  By improving the lubrication and cooling conditions of extrusion gear pump bearings, oil absorption lubrication is used in high performance and high pressure melt pumps at present, that is, using the trapping phenomenon of closed volume, when the closed volume increases from small to large, vacuum will be generated. Oil in the inlet chamber flows first from the back of the bearing seat ring to the bearing, and then into the closed volume when the gear disengages. After meshing, the oil in the closed volume converges with the oil in the intake chamber and is brought to the discharge chamber. Because the oil temperature of the intake is lower than that of the discharge outlet, oil-absorbing lubrication can reduce the bearing temperature and make the bearing bear more load.

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