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Diversified alternatives of melt blown cloth produced by melt pump

  The wet non-woven microfiber fabric produced by paper machine is also filtered by electrostatic adsorption principle, and the filtering ability of the mask product will be obviously weakened in case of water. However, at present, a new type of "melt blown cloth" which can be washed repeatedly has also been tested and pushed to downstream production.

  Traditional disposable medical masks and N95 masks mainly rely on the electrostatic adsorption of melt blown non-woven fabrics as the main filtering means. This kind of mask will lose static electricity gradually after contacting with water and other substances, resulting in a significant decrease in filtering effect. However, the nanofiber air filter material does not rely on electrostatic adsorption, but uses physical interception, relying on the "physical aperture" filtering principle, that is to use a finer "mesh" to achieve the filtering effect. As long as the physical structure of the product is not damaged, the filter efficiency can still maintain high stability even after the static electricity is completely removed

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