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Ways to Improve the Theoretical Flow Rate of Melt Metering Gear Pump

Increase the gear diameter, tooth width, speed and reduce the number of Melt Metering Gear Pump.

Too high N will shorten the time for the gear teeth to rotate the suction chamber

The increase of N and diameter increases the circumferential velocity and centrifugal force of gears.

Increasing the difficulty of inhalation, P at the root of the tooth decreases, gas may be released, resulting in Q reduction, vibration and noise, and even make the pump unable to work.

Therefore, the maximum circumferential velocity should be limited according to the viscosity of the oil transported.

The maximum circumferential velocity does not exceed 5-6 m/s.

The maximum speed is generally about 3000r/min.

Increasing the tooth of Melt Metering Gear Pump width will increase the radial force and lengthen the contact line of the tooth surface, which makes it difficult to maintain good sealing.

Reducing the number of teeth can increase V and Q between teeth, but it will increase the unevenness of Q.

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