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    Gear pumps spare parts and repair
    Gear pumps spare parts, rate increase, overhauling, repair are our main services. Our spare parts are suitable for different gear pumps, and our two Pocket Bearing design significantly increases shaft life.
    Products for polymer compounding applications
    Products for polymer compounding applications include gear melt pumps, screen changers, pelletizing systems, optional integrated control of all processing line components, and other related products.
    Applications for virgin polymers
    Within the area of applications for virgin polymers production, we offer a single source for systems and complete production lines tailored to standard requirements and even exact customer requirements.
    Extrusion Control Systems
    Extrusion Control Systems are complete solutions for automation with instruments and control components. Automation systems are as important as components for pumping and filtering plastic melts and elastomer mixtures.
    Melt pump systems
    Melt pump systems can be introduced through the extrusion / rubber gear pumps, different polymer materials, different industry, and related controls. All these products and service ensure the quality of end products.
    Compounding Pumps for polyolefine melt
    Compounding Pumps for polyolefine melt also called polyefin Compounding Pumps. Compounding processes require gear pumps that build up the pressure after the compounder for downstream equipment.
    Melt pumps for polymer production
    Melt pumps for polymer production are displacement pumps for operation at high pressure. They are used in various processes as transfer, reactor discharge and booster pumps for low and high-viscosity media.
    Melt pumps for high throughputs
    Melt pumps for high throughputs are gear pump for highest efficiency. Melt pumps HV with 25% higher specific pumping volume, made possible by its special design, is recommended for standard applications.
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Batte is one of gear pump manufacturers supplying extrusion melt pumps. Melt pump also called extrusion gear pump for gear sturcture.