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Application of melt gear pump

Detailed description of melt gear pump The melt gear pump, also known as the melt pump, is suitable for high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt conveying, pressurization and measurement. It is mainly used in polymer extrusion molding, such as granulating, film, pipe, sheet, sheet and other industries, usually installed between the extruder outlet and the head, and can also be installed in the pipeline for conveying high viscosity pure. Net material. Can be used in PA PB PC PE PS HIPS AB

What is Melt pump extrusion molding

Melt pump extrusion is also known as extrusion in plastic processing. It is extruded in a non rubber extruder by hydraulic press, which is pressed on the mold itself. It is a processing method of the material through the extruder and the screw between the extruder and the screw, the edge is heated and plasticized, the edge is pushed forward by the screw, and through the head of the machine, it is made into various sections or half products. In the fiber chemical industry, melt pump extruders are

Melt gear pump solution

For conventional extruders, there are usually such problems: The fluctuation of temperature and pressure of the extrudate caused by improper control of process conditions and pulsation of the motor load affect the quality of the product; As the extrusion pressure increases, the reverse flow and the leakage flow will inevitably increase, resulting in a decrease in the overall extrusion flow rate. At the same time, the power consumed by the screw to push the material is also large, the shear force

batte melt pump for customer

The main points provided by the batte melt pump are: 1. Keep the original double-column filter of the customer, as a rough filter, use 50 mesh filter screen. 2. The melt is filtered through the ajcb-315 melt pump to ensure that the melt has sufficient conveying pressure and stable feed flow. 3. The melt is filtered through the ajcb-315 melt pump to ensure that the melt has sufficient conveying pressure and stable feed flow. 4. The batte melt pump and filter system adopt a PLC control system, whi

extrusion gear melt pump case

In the project, the customer current for Austria E company provides 120 single-screw extrusion production lines, equipped with a double column type filter, the yield of 600 kg/hr, using 120 mesh screen pack for every 4 hours or so will need to stop the replacement filter, production line capacity is difficult to give full play to, and difficult to achieve higher precision filtration. The Eco-Green team hopes to install a filter with a larger filter area on the current production line to reduce t

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