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    Use Batte extrusion gear pump benefits
      According to market statistics and introduction of products with motor + reducer + Vientiane coupling + pump drive mode, the motor with frequency control, free to the required flow rate can also be added according to customer requireme
    How to extend the extrusion gear pump to perform labor time?
      extrusion gear pump transport medium is not only the selection of the delivery medium of energy transfer agency, and also smooth, sealed and heat transfer medium. Transporting high-viscosity liquid extrusion gear pump should be done at
    extrusion gear pump used in exceptional circumstances
    The operating principle is simple extrusion gear pump liquid into the pump suction side, teeth suction holes are not engaged, then driven in the interdental cavity, reaches the outlet end along the outer edge of the gear shaft. Reengagement the teeth
    Features and functions of pipe pumps
    Pipeline pump is a new pump for pipeline booster, which is a new pump for pipeline pressure. It has great advantages over the application of horizontal centrifugal pump.. Pump has the following characteristics: 1, pipeline pump structure is
    Knowledge of pipeline pump
    Knowledge of pipeline pump: The internal rotation of the water rose too, the internal pressure becomes small, due to the atmospheric pressure, the water enters the turbine part. In fact, the pump is generally installed directly on the pipe r
    Single-stage pump with multi-stage pump structure difference
    Single-stage pump with multi-stage pump structure differences: Single-stage pump comprises a pump body, a pump cover, with an output shaft of the motor, is installed in the single stage pump body and pump shaft and bearing, impeller, mechanical seal
    Extrusion gear pump flow directly out of gear speed of the p
    extrusion gear pump gear concept is very simple, that is, its most basic form is the same in both size gear in a tight-fitting housing intermeshing rotation, the inside of the casing like "8" shape, two gears mounted on the inside, the outsi
    Difference between single - stage pump and multi - stage pum
    Difference between single - stage pump and multi - stage pump definition: Single-stage pump is defined only one impeller pumps, general single-stage pump maximum lift is only 125 meters, has simple structure, stable performance, high speed,
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Batte is one of gear pump manufacturers supplying extrusion melt pumps. Melt pump also called extrusion gear pump for gear sturcture.