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Precautions for piping design of melt pump

When designing the melt pump piping , we should pay attention to the following matters: A, reasonable selection of pipe diameter, large pipe diameter, low liquid flow speed, low resistance loss under the same flow, high price and small pipe diameter, will lead to a sharp increase of resistance loss, increase the lift of the high viscosity pump, increase the power of the matching belt, increase the cost and operating cost. B, the melt pump discharge pipe and its pipe joints should take into accou

The application field of the new generation of melt pump

The melt pump has been paid more and more attention in the field of high polymer processing. The melt pump provided by Zhengzhou batte can fully meet its production demand. The main function of the melt pump is to transfer the high temperature polymer melt from the extruder to the extrusion die after the pressure is pressurized and stabilized, and the pressure of the molten material at the outlet of the pumps pump is subjected to the entrance pressure. The influence of force fluctuation is very

service of batte melt pump

Since its professional production of high temperature melt pump , the melt pump company has accumulated rich experience in the application technology of melt pump . In recent years, according to the development trend of the application technology of the world melt pump, especially in the field of plastic and rubber precision extrusion, the working basis of the melt pump, the performance of the melt pump, the development of the equipment structure, the control technology and so on have been studi

The effect of the melt pump

The melt pump is a kind of positive displacement conveying equipment, high precision gear clearance and volumetric structure design, making it possible to stable and balanced extrusion. It has been widely used in chemical fiber, granulating, plastic film, sheet, sheet, profile, pipe, wire and cable, wire drawing, compound extrusion and so on. 1. it can achieve stable extrusion, improve the dimensional accuracy of extruded products, and reduce the reject rate. In the extrusion process, it is diff

Installation technology of pipe centrifugal melt pump

The key to the installation of centrifugal melt pump is to determine the installation height of the pump. This height refers to the vertical distance from the water surface of the water source to the center line of the pump impeller. It can not be confused with the vacuum height that allows the suction of the water pump. The allowable vacuum height indicated on the pump product specification or nameplate is the vacuum value on the water intake section of the pump, and it is under the condition o

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