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Application of Melt Booster Metering Gear Pump in Extrusion Line

It is possible that you have already heard or read some of the introduction and articles on the application of the melt boost gauge gear pump on the extrusion line. And there are many reports about the advantages of installing this pump. But what is the value of a gear pump for a specific process? What are the actual benefits and costs? How can we know? These questions are of concern. For applications of gear pumps on extruders, this interest has been growing over the past decade, particularly i

The melt gear pump is configured for the extrusion process

With the continuous development of the rubber industry, rubber products and plastic products were flying trend, the increasing demand for rubber products. In particular, this year the family car flew into the homes of ordinary people, led the EPDM ethylene propylene rubber, NBR, SBR rubber raw materials and products of great development, including in the seal, resin modification, wire, cable, pipe and plastic runway. Due to the special nature of the rubber processing technology, it is very impor

Extrusion gear pump work flow

The extrusion gear pump will not be affected much by viscosity or density of fluid in the process. If there is a damper, such as a strainer or a limiter on the outlet side, the extrusion gear pump pushes the fluid through them. If the change in damper work, i.e. if the mesh become dirty, blocked, or limiter back pressure increased, the pump will continue to maintain a constant flow, until reach the device in the weakest parts of the mechanical limit (usually equipped with a torque limiter). For

Extrusion gear pump principle and built structures

Gear pump structure, it is very simple, that is, it is the most basic form of two of the same size gear in a close coordination of casing gears rotate, the shells internal similar 8 glyph, two gear is installed inside, outside diameter of the gear on both sides and work closely with shell. Extrusion gear pump image. The material from the extruder enters into the middle of the two gears at the suction inlet and fills the space with the rotation of the teeth moving along the shell, and finally out

Extrusion gear pump advantages

Gear pumps positioned between single-screw extruders and dies can provide advantages including reducing the discharge temperature, reducing instabilities from the extruder,etc..

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