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Recycling of waste plastics increases the demand for melt pumps

In recent years, the disposal and recycling of waste plastics have been paid more and more attention by the people and even the world, China is no exception. However, at present, China's waste plastic recycling efficiency is not high, waste plastic recycling plants are not many, so that in many parts of the country, the recycled plastic market is still a blank, or another extreme - supply exceeds demand, prices rise again and again.

Experts have analyzed that recycled plastics in China has a broad space for development, and with the transformation and upgrading of economic development, national policy support, will inevitably lead to huge market demand, so on the whole, the development potential of the recycled plastics market is considerable.

The disposal and recycling of waste plastics can not be separated from the plastic granulation production line, and the plastic granulation production line can not be separated from the melt pump which can improve work efficiency.

The main characteristics of batte H series high temperature melt pump are:

1. It can be applied to high temperature (510 degree) high pressure (70MPa) high viscosity (20000Pa / s) working conditions.

2. Import and export optimization design, to avoid the dead angle in the runner to the maximum extent, reduce material residue, improve product quality.

Three. Improved gear parameter design can withstand super high pressure and greater differential pressure.

Four, the use of special materials, high temperature, long service life.

Five. Adopt high precision mechanical seal.

Six, according to the customer's different site conditions, provide the appropriate installation method, more flexible and practical.

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