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Performance advantages of special melt pumps for wood plastic panels

Zhengzhou batte, as a professional melt pump manufacturer in China, provides special melt pump equipment according to the particularity of materials used by users, including: special melt pump for rubber extruder, special melt pump for polymer, special melt pump for ester, special melt pump for wood-plastic board, etc.

Batte melt pump manufacturer provides wood-plastic plate special melt pump, its seal form adopts spiral seal and packing seal, two sealing combination form, improve the sealing performance of melt pump. The gears and mating surfaces of wood-plastic plate melt pump are grinded precisely and the assembly clearance is strictly controlled to obtain accurate flow rate. The new generation melt pump of Haike can effectively reduce the pressure fluctuation of die head, improve the stable material flow and improve the quality of finished products. The application of melt pump can effectively reduce the pressure in the screw barrel of extruder, greatly reduce the wear and tear between the screw and the screw barrel, lighten the load on the thrust bearing of gearbox, and enhance the service life of the screw extruder.

Batte melt pump is widely used in precision extrusion of plastics and rubber to improve the quality of final products and bring greater production benefits to users.

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