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Recycling of waste plastics increases the demand for melt pumps

In recent years, the disposal and recycling of waste plastics have been paid more and more attention by the people and even the world, China is no exception. However, at present, Chinas waste plastic recycling efficiency is not high, waste plastic recycling plants are not many, so that in many parts of the country, the recycled plastic market is still a blank, or another extreme - supply exceeds demand, prices rise again and again. Experts have analyzed that recycled plastics in China has a broa

How to deal with overload of melt pump motor

Melt pump in the use of the process will be in one way or another failure and problems, today we do a motor overload problem cause analysis and treatment methods summarized: 1. reason analysis: the proportion of inhaled medium is too large, and the treatment method is to adjust the specific gravity or viscosity of the medium. 2. reason analysis: the outlet filter pressure difference is too big, processing method: check the cleaning outlet filter. 3. reason analysis: motor shaft bending, processi

Performance advantages of special melt pumps for wood plastic panels

Zhengzhou batte, as a professional melt pump manufacturer in China, provides special melt pump equipment according to the particularity of materials used by users, including: special melt pump for rubber extruder, special melt pump for polymer, special melt pump for ester, special melt pump for wood-plastic board, etc. Batte melt pump manufacturer provides wood-plastic plate special melt pump, its seal form adopts spiral seal and packing seal, two sealing combination form, improve the sealing pe

Analysis of gear selection and heat treatment process for high temperature melt pump manufacturers

As a professional manufacturer of high temperature melt pump in China, Zhengzhou Bart has the most professional processing equipment and advanced processing technology. Each melt pump equipment provided by Zhengzhou Bart has high standard and high performance. As the core part of high temperature melt pump, gear is very important for the efficient operation of melt pump. Normally, the gears and shafts (or gear shafts) of high temperature melt pumps are mostly Cr-Mo alloy steels with high hardena

Influence of gear parameters on gear pump efficiency

The internal leakage of gear pumps directly determines the volumetric efficiency of gear pumps. Through the analysis of the structure of the gear pump, it is found that there are three main ways of internal leakage: (1) through the clearance between the end face of the gear and the side plate; (2) through the radial clearance between the top circle of the gear and the inner cavity of the pump; (3) contact clearance between the gear mesh. The axial clearance between the end face and the side plat

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