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extrusion t die

Process type : extrusion t die . Number of mold parting surface; Multiple parting surface Cavity number: multi-cavity mold. Mold installation way :fixed mold. Scope of application: household appliances, medical care, electronics, daily necessities, gifts, handicrafts, Other mold materials: P20. extrusion t die Features: Rapid removal of the mold mouth crystallization technology. High viscosity plastic for special flow smooth treatment. Multi - layer design can enhance physical requirement and re

production process of casting board die/Plastic Sheet Die

The batte casting die , as the name suggests, melts the high temperature of the batte raw material and puts it in the mold. Due to the high molecular weight produced, it has excellent rigidity, transparency and excellent chemical resistance. Batte casting board has very good transparency, and product specification is complete, the small batch sheet can be very convenient to buy, and in terms of color and surface texture has the incomparable flexibility. It is now the most widely used plank. Disa

cast film extrusion die

The batte extrusion die factory is a private enterprise specializing in manufacturing cast film die and cast film extrusiondie . After years of technical personnel, with practical experience and advanced CAD/CAM processing equipment, we have successfully developed various single-layer and multi-layer co-extrusion dies. Stretch film abrasive in cast film extrusiondie lip available without blocking the continuous flow surface, with a small interval of push-pull type adjusting screw of the pressure

extrusion sheet die

The extrusion sheetdie is in the front end of the extruder, used for the pipe material, or the mold of the profile. The extrusion sheet dies are one of the moulds, except that the way he produces them is by squeezing the action. In the case of the wide application of aluminum heterostructure, it is also used in the plastic parts. The extrusionsheetdies are one of the moulds, except that the way he produces them is by squeezing the action. It is widely used in aluminum heteromorphic structure and

T-die manufactuer

What is Details of our products? 1.Manual die, automatic die 2. coating lamination die 3.CPP/CPE/EVA/PET/PA T-die 4.produce the thinnest film 0.5um ,widest 10000mm waterproof material 5.exports to over 60 countries have participated in the annual exhibitions at home and abroad 6.15 years of professional experience We are a professional mold manufacturer Specifications: 1.15 years professional experience 2.High efficient service 3.Competitive Price 4.Shorter Lead Time 5.Guarantee:1 year for whole

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