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Plastic extrusion pump process experiment steps

Plastic extrusion pump process experiment steps 1, according to the material to determine the processing temperature of each paragraph. When the set temperature and the actual temperature, the need to heat 10 to 20 minutes or by hand to turn the screw, if you turn it shows that the set temperature and barrel temperature has been consistent, the barrel of residual material has also been melted. 2, check the operation of the various parts of the plastic extrusion pump as usual is ready to boot. 3,

Gear pump shell liquid squeeze casting

Liquid squeeze casting, the liquid metal is injected into the metal mold cavity, and then the liquid metal cavity rapid pressure forming, crystallization under pressure. It is a combination of forging and casting process, also known as liquid metal forging. The process of development for a long time, but long-term is not taken seriously. In recent years, foreign countries have a wide range of applications in the fields of transportation machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace and weaponry industries,

Process dynamics for a gear pump

The large level of variation in the motor current during constant screw speed control suggests that the extrusion process was unstable, and the control algorithm was not the root cause for the variation in the motor current. The root cause and technical solution for mitigating the surge are provided elsewhere.In another case, a single-stage extruder with a gear pump running a low density polyethylene (LDPE) resin was operating with a pressure oscillation at the discharge of the extruder. Like th

Hydraulic Pump Station and the development of hydraulic components Profiles

Hydraulic Pump Station also known as the stations are independent h- ydraulic device. It requested by the oil gradually. And controlling the hydraulic oil flow direction, pressure and flow rate, applied to the mainframe and hy- draulic devices separability of hydraulic machinery. Users will be provided after the purchase hydraulic station and host of implementing agencies (motor oil or fuel tanks) connected with tubing, Hydraulic machinery can be realized from these movements and the work cycle.

Application of Melt Booster Metering Gear Pump in Extrusion Line

It is possible that you have already heard or read some of the introduction and articles on the application of the melt boost gauge gear pump on the extrusion line. And there are many reports about the advantages of installing this pump. But what is the value of a gear pump for a specific process? What are the actual benefits and costs? How can we know? These questions are of concern. For applications of gear pumps on extruders, this interest has been growing over the past decade, particularly i

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