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Analysis of gear selection and heat treatment process for high temperature melt pump manufacturers

As a professional manufacturer of high temperature melt pump in China, Zhengzhou Bart has the most professional processing equipment and advanced processing technology. Each melt pump equipment provided by Zhengzhou Bart has high standard and high performance. As the core part of high temperature melt pump, gear is very important for the efficient operation of melt pump. Normally, the gears and shafts (or gear shafts) of high temperature melt pumps are mostly Cr-Mo alloy steels with high hardenability, hardening or nitriding tool steels and their phase-like special steels. Its heat treatment usually has the following three ways:

1. Surface hardening, such as nitriding, carbonitriding and so on. It has good torque transmission characteristics and is not liable to fracture under high load conditions. However, due to the great difference between the hardness of the metal surface and the internal hardness, it is easy to cause the extrusion damage of the hard metal to the soft metal layer.

2. Hardenability treatment. It has good wear resistance, and the whole gear will not fail quickly due to the damage of the surface layer. The disadvantage is that the harder the gear is, the easier it is to destroy, and is sensitive to torque and vibration.

3. Hardened after hardening. It not only avoids the great difference between the hardness of metal surface and inner layer, but also has strong resistance to surface damage and excellent torque transmission performance. This is one of the preferred heat treatment options.

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