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Reasons for Leakage of Chemical Fiber Spinning Metering Pump

Chemical polypropylene melt pump is used in synthetic filament system of a factory. Leakage occurs in the process of using chemical polypropylene melt pump. Specific inspection shows that: a. There are more melt oligomers leaking at coupling and coupling cover plate; B. There are degradable yellow melt in and out holes between pump body and pump seat.

Causes of leakage of chemical polypropylene melt pump are as follows: 1. The pump base plate of chemical fiber spinning metering pump is thin, its strength is insufficient, deformation occurs after loading, and the sealing effect of pump body is poor; 2. The heat-tightening operation of pump is not standardized, the torque is inappropriate, resulting in uneven local tightness of sealing surface; C. The pre-heating of pump before installation, or insufficient heat preservation time after installation, the temperature of each part of pump is not balanced, that is starting; The melt is not cleaned up in time and pollutes the spinning box after degradation. Among them, inadequate preheating, or inadequate on-line insulation, temperature unbalanced start, start-up process will break the insurance pin so that it can not start or start soon will leak melt; and thermal fastening is strictly in accordance with the requirements of specifications.

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