batte melt pump

Melt Pump Melting Technology

Process 1: Melt Pump Hot Melt Extrusion

This technology can treat polymer materials above their glass transition temperature, and promote the effective mixing of thermoplastic adhesives and/or polymers and active ingredients at the molecular level.

Process II: Melt Pump Granulation

Adhesive liquids are produced by heating, and one or more dry components in the formula become melts. At the end of the granulation stage, the mixture is cooled and the binder is solidified and melted.

Technology 3/4: Dry Granulation by Melt Pump/Wet Granulation

Granulated liquids/inappropriate liquids are used to mix and aggregate the main dry powder particles. The liquid added during the granulation stage must be medicinal safe and volatile so that it can be removed during subsequent drying stages.

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