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Four Cautions for Daily Maintenance of Extrusion Granulation Melt Pump

1. During the operation of extrusion granulation melt pump, patrol inspection should be strengthened, and the vibration, noise, current, oil level and temperature of gear pump should be observed and recorded. When the output of extrusion granulation melt pump is increased every time, the output, rotational speed, exit pressure, inlet pressure and current value should be recorded, and the data before and after comparison should be carefully analyzed in order to find abnormalities as soon as possible and deal with them in time.

2. For filler shaft seal pump, if the inlet is negative pressure, the pressure at the filler box should be kept higher than the external atmospheric pressure; if the back pressure suddenly decreases, the pressure of the filler box should be adjusted in time, otherwise the melt pump will inhale air, which will cause strip breakage in the process of making comparison, which will affect the pellet cutting and result in the bleeding of the pellet cutter. In other moulding process, it will also cause corresponding product defects, seriously affect product quality and cause a lot of waste.

3. Regular replacement of bearings of extrusion granulation melt pump can save maintenance costs. When the wear on the inner surface of the shaft or bearing is found to be close to the thickness of the hardened layer after disintegration, do not simply scrap all at once. The shaft can be grinded and used again, but only a new set of bearings can be replaced because the price of the shaft is several times that of the bearing, which can prolong the life of the shaft by 8-10 years.

4. If power failure or interruption of heat medium circulation exceeds 30 minutes, the extrusion gear pump should be disintegrated and cleaned and re-installed, so as not to cause lubrication failure due to melt solidification, cracking, etc., and damage to the melt pump.

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