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Use and Maintenance of Melt Gear Pump

At present, it is controversial whether the honing process of the outer gear of the melt gear pump can reduce the gear accuracy. However, as long as technological measures are taken, the gear accuracy can be maintained, the roughness of the tooth surface can be reduced, the burr can be removed reliably, and the knocking damage can be prevented, the gear rotation noise can be effectively reduced. For the whole transmission, in the assembly process, we must strictly operate the rules, conscientiously implement the assembly process requirements, and avoid the brutal assembly irregularities.

Assembly is an important process, which can affect the operation of reducer. At present, there are still some gaps between domestic and foreign assembly technology. Although there are some gaps in processing, the gap between assembly technology is much larger. Whether the same parts can be assembled well or not will directly affect the service life of the machine, such as the degree of thread tightness and the large clearance of bearings. Small gears, meshing position of gears and so on all affect the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, we should attach great importance to it. Correct and reasonable use and maintenance is the premise to ensure good operation. Lubricating oil can prevent direct contact of meshing tooth surface and has damping effect, so it can reduce gear noise.

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