batte melt pump

Selection of Pressure and Temperature of Melt Pump

  The inlet pressure does not need to be too high, usually 3-5 MPa. High viscous fluids require higher inlet pressure. Sometimes in order to enhance the mixing effect of the melt in the extrusion screw, the screw head needs a higher pressure to increase the reflux, at this time the inlet pressure can be increased. The inlet pressure can be easily obtained by adjusting the flow matching between upstream devices (such as extruders) and melt pumps. The maximum pressure difference reflects the pressure building capacity of the melt pump. The sum of inlet pressure and differential pressure is both outlet pressure. The outlet pressure depends on die shape, melt viscosity, flow rate and other factors. Users are choosing the working temperature of the melt pump. When working under pressure, to meet the use requirements, do not need to select too high level. Because the melt pump can work normally under high temperature and pressure, it depends on the special material, structure and corresponding power device of the melt pump to support. Melt pumps with high temperature and pressure resistance are also expensive.

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