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What is Melt pump extrusion molding

Melt pump extrusion is also known as extrusion in plastic processing. It is extruded in a non rubber extruder by hydraulic press, which is pressed on the mold itself. It is a processing method of the material through the extruder and the screw between the extruder and the screw, the edge is heated and plasticized, the edge is pushed forward by the screw, and through the head of the machine, it is made into various sections or half products.

In the fiber chemical industry, melt pump extruders are also used to feed spinneret to melt spinning. The extrusion can be applied to the processing of thermoplastic and rubber, and can be used for batching, granulation, and rubber filtration. It can be continuously produced, and the production of a variety of continuous products such as pipe, profile, sheet (or sheet), film, wire and cable coating, rubber tire tire noodle, tube of inner tube, sealing strip and so on, have high production efficiency. In the production of synthetic resin, the extruder can be used as a reactor for continuous polymerization and molding. In the rubber industry, the compression ratio of different extruders can be used to make the natural rubber. The compression ratio of the extruding machine for different materials is somewhat different.

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