batte melt pump

Extruder gear pump system

In all batte rubber filter applied extrusion systems, a single screw extruder is made up of a gear pump and a rubber filter head or a fast screen replacer. In the past few years, the market demand has been transformed from low yield cold feed system to high yield hot feed system. This is due to the fact that most filtration technology is being covered in the technology of rubber mixing equipment. To this end, the rubber filter of the extruder gear pump needs to provide high output to maintain consistency with the output of the rubber mixing machine. The latest design of batte is ZB gear pump extruder system. Its output power can reach 3500kg per hour at a mixture density of 1.1kg/cm. ZB 150 is a new machine model, which covers a high output range, especially for series glue filter in rubber mixing equipment.

Batte alone uses the Rubber gear pump for the filter application. Due to its high pressure accumulative performance and reliability, the production time of screen replacement time caused by high pressure aggregation, sieve net pollution and increasing pressure is maximized. The pressure required in the extrusion process is essentially determined by the geometry of the downstream extrusion head and the die. The mesh filter is used to filter the rubber compound input at the extrusion head. Impurities may be produced by non dispersed fillers or chemicals.

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