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Gear pump for extrusion applications

Gear pump for extrusion applications is mainly used in conjunction with extruders or kneaders. The polymer extrusion pump is essential for precision films extrusion or micro granulates conveyed in a gentle manner.
Gear pump for extrusion applications

Gear pump for extrusion applications:
Extrusion gear pump reduces the natural pulsation and irregular conveyance, particularly in single-screw extruders.
The pressure build up in the gear pump is more efficient in comparison to the extruder. Because of this, less energy or heat is transferred into the polymer and the product is pelletizing.
Gear pump for extrusion applications is an essential component of modern extrusion lines, its robust design minimizes down times of production lines.
The quick color change version lends itself particularly to master batch applications with frequent changes of color. In order to prevent the pump's drive shaft from being driven / pushed out of the housing when the suction pressure exceeds 10 bar (extruder conveying pressure), the drive shaft must be pressure wise relieved. It protrudes from both sides of the housing and is sealed, so that atmospheric pressure predominates on both sides of the drive shaft.

Gear pump for extrusion applications technical features:
Housing: Heat resistant carbon steel, e.g. 1.6582 (4340), stainless steel e.g. 1.4313 (E415), optional: surface coating
Gears: Tool steel, nitrided steel, special steel, optional: surface coating, helical gearing, herringbone gearing (for extremely low-pulsation conveyance)
Friction Bearings:
Tool steel, Al-bronze, NiAg (nickel-silver), special materials, optional: surface coating
Shaft Seal: viscoseal, stuffing box
Heating Systems: electrically, by means of heating cartridges, optional: cover heating
Gear pump for extrusion applications are for polymers (PS, PET, PVC, PC, PA, PMMA, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, Polysulfone, PEEK) and food stuffs (Liquorice, chewing gum)

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