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As a supplier of gear pumps, we are committed to serving high temperature, high viscosity, high temperature and low inlet and / or outlet pressure, including corrosive or temperature sensitive materials. In addition to providing gear pump services and spare parts, batte can also provide maintenance and spare parts services for other brands of gear pumps. Batte perfectly meets the needs of customers, achieves the benefit of customer production process, the most common service life of pump body and the shortest downtime maintenance time of customer system. The batte gear pump is famous for its innovation and enjoys a great reputation in the industry.

Characteristics of rubber melt gear pump

1., the rubber melt gear pump adopts unique temperature control mode. It can achieve precise temperature closed loop control, strictly control the temperature of rubber material in the set temperature range, prevent rubber from scorching and achieve low temperature extrusion.

2., by unloading the groove on the end cover of the gear contact, eliminate the adverse effects of "trapped oil" on the gear pump, improve the service life of the gear pump and increase the stability of the rubber conveying.

3., the rubber melt gear pump unit has an ideal working characteristic, which ensures a linear relationship between the extrusion volume and the speed of the gear pump. It can achieve precise control of the output and improve the dimensional accuracy of the product. By using information and data collected at the inlet and outlet of gear pump, the upstream and downstream equipment and gear pump work synchronously, so that the whole process of online monitoring and feedback control is realized.

4., the rubber melt gear pump is meshed with a pair of helical gears. The gear and shaft are integrated. The gear shaft is made of high abrasion resistant material, and the gear surface is quenched through high frequency. The surface hardness reaches HRC58-62, and the accuracy level is 6HK..

5. the rubber melt gear pump adopts special structure form, which can effectively prevent the leakage of the rubber material and realize self cleaning.

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