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Use and Maintenance of Melt Gear Pump

At present, it is controversial whether the honing process of the outer gear of the melt gear pump can reduce the gear accuracy. However, as long as technological measures are taken, the gear accuracy can be maintained, the roughness of the tooth surface can be reduced, the burr can be removed reliably, and the knocking damage can be prevented, the gear rotation noise can be effectively reduced. For the whole transmission, in the assembly process, we must strictly operate the rules, conscientiou

Four Cautions for Daily Maintenance of Extrusion Granulation Melt Pump

1. During the operation of extrusion granulation melt pump , patrol inspection should be strengthened, and the vibration, noise, current, oil level and temperature of gear pump should be observed and recorded. When the output of extrusion granulation melt pump is increased every time, the output, rotational speed, exit pressure, inlet pressure and current value should be recorded, and the data before and after comparison should be carefully analyzed in order to find abnormalities as soon as poss

Performance of Polypropylene Melt Pump

Polypropylene melt pump is a polymer melt with high temperature and high viscosity. Therefore, the first requirement is that the pump has high temperature resistance, that is, at working temperature, all parts of the pump should have sufficient strength and stiffness, parts subject to alternating load should have high fatigue strength, wear parts should maintain high hardness and wear resistance. The expansion coefficients of each mating part should not be too different. Secondly, the pump is re

Reasons for Leakage of Chemical Fiber Spinning Metering Pump

Chemical polypropylene melt pump is used in synthetic filament system of a factory. Leakage occurs in the process of using chemical polypropylene melt pump. Specific inspection shows that: a. There are more melt oligomers leaking at coupling and coupling cover plate; B. There are degradable yellow melt in and out holes between pump body and pump seat. Causes of leakage of chemical polypropylene melt pump are as follows: 1. The pump base plate of chemical fiber spinning metering pump is thin, its

Application Range of High Temperature Melt Pump

Melt pump is a volumetric gear pump , which uses a pair of cylindrical gears (straight teeth, helical teeth, herringbone teeth) with external teeth to rotate relatively to transport high viscosity fluid. All gears and mating surfaces are grinded and assembly clearance is strictly controlled to obtain accurate flow rate. According to different common conditions of gear and pump body, ZB-B series adopts chromium-nickel alloy steel and high temperature tool steel; ZB-H series adopts imported CPM to

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