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Extrusion gear pump advantages
Extrusion gear pump advantages:
Using a gear pump to control rate and to generate a portion of the pressure required for the die is an excellent method to allow a process to operate near the lower control limit of the product thickness, reducing the consumption of resin per unit area for a sheet line. For new installations, the design of the extruder screw should be optimized for the inlet pressure required by the pump. For the addition of a extrusion gear pump to an existing extrusion line, the processor should consider the process changes that will occur when the discharge pressure from the extruder is reduced, especially for two-stage, vented machines.

Extrusion gear pump installation

Gear pump rotors are positioned using specially designed bearings. These bearings and rotor shafts are lubricated with molten resin from the extruder. That is, a very small portion of the resin flow from the high pressure outlet side of the pump is flowed into the bearing annulus and then into the low pressure inlet side of the pump. The design of the bearing depends on several factors including resin rheology, differential pressure, and rate. The differential pressure is defined as the outlet pressure minus the inlet pressure. If the differential pressure becomes too low, resin flow to the bearings will be reduced or interrupted, shortening the life of the bearings or causing the pump bearings to seize.

Gear pumps positioned between single-screw extruders and dies can provide advantages including reducing the discharge temperature, reducing instabilities from the extruder, and reducing the resin consumption to make the final product. Reductions in extruder discharge pressure can also extend the operation life of screws, barrels, and thrust bearings while reducing energy consumption. However, while applying this technology processors must be aware in the change in dynamics of the extrusion line for normal troubleshooting principles. Troubleshooting process problems associated with this type of process were presented.

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