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ZB-U gear metering spinning pump

ZB-U gear metering spinning pump is mainly used for spinning pump for nonwoven extrusion, and so it also called spinning pump for nonwoven extrusion and gear structure is its basic property. Main Application of this type extrusion gear pump is for large capacity melt conveying.

ZB-U gear metering spinning pump   spinning pump for nonwoven extrusion


ZB-U spinning pump for nonwoven extrusion technical parameter:
Material for Melt Pump Body: High temperature tool steel or chrome-nickel steel
Material for Gear: High temperature tool steel or nitrided steel
Material for Sliding Bearing: High temperature tool steel
Shaft Sealing: Spiral sealing or packing sealing spiral and packing sealing or other combined sealing;
Heating System: Electrical rod heating

ZB-U gear metering spinning pump operating parameter:
Number of Inlet: 1
Number of Outlet: 1
Outlet Pressure: 40MPa
Working Rotation Speed: 5-30rpm
Max. Differential Pressure: 35MPa
Operation / Working Temperature: ≤330℃ (Max. 300 degree centigrade)
Cleaning Temperature: ≤450℃ (Max. 450 degree centigrade)

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