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Melt pump systems

Melt pump systems can be introduced through the extrusion / rubber gear pumps, different polymer materials, different industry, and related controls. All these products and service ensure the quality of end products.
melt pump systems

Components of melt pump systems:
Flat dies and feedblocks
Compact retrofitting system for rubber extruders
GP/ HP/ HV Gear pumps for extrusion of thermoplastics
RV/RB High performance gear pump for rubber extruder
RV-Q/RB-Q Separable gear pump for silicone rubber processing
High-pressure gear pump for thermoplastic applications
GPD Twin gear pump for complex extrusion processes
EA Gear pumps for common thermoplastic extrusion applications
ER-generation 6 Booster pump for the elastomeric processing industry

Melt pump polymer values:
Diverter valve for the polymer industry
Heat exchanger
DP PET Discharge pump for the PET industry
Pressure increasing pump for the polyolefin industry
Booster pump for the polymer industry
RT Transfer pump for pre-polymers
Extraction pump for the polymer industry
Extraction pump for the polymer industry
Seal for the polymer industry
Gear Pump Generation 6
TR/TB - Generation6
Generation 6 Extraction pump for the polymer industry

Melt pump industry applications:
Corrosion-resistant gear pumps for chemical processes
Stainless steel discharge pump for industrial processes
Grey cast iron gear pump for industrial processes
Drive Magnetic coupling for chemical and industrial processes
External Gear Pumps
Twin Screw Pumps
Triple Screw Pump

Melt pump controls:
Automation solution for retro-fitting extrusion lines
Cost-efficient integration solution for extrusion lines
Automation solution for complex extrusion lines
Automation solution for backflush screen changer
Automation solution for coextrusion lines

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