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Extrusion melt pumps

As an extrusion melt pumps manufacturer, Batte is specializing in research and manufacturing of polymer melt filtration systems and melt pumps. The features, benefits, applications, and other details are as follows.

extrusion melt pump

Extrusion melt pumps Features:
Integrate the screen changer and melt pump, polymer melt becomes more constant and stable.
Transducer ports integrated to housing
Positive displacement device provides a linear output over a wide range of operating condition.

Extrusion melt pumps Benefits:
Reduce load on the extruder, increase extruder life
Material saving
Improve product quality
Lower processing temperature
More accurate gauge control

Extrusion melt pumps Applications:
Blown film and cast film pipe/sheet/plate
Wire and cable
Palletizing (strands and underwater)

With a extruder gear pump between your extruder and die you can directly dial in gauge control, eliminating extruder surge and screw beat at the die. Extrusion Gear Pump is made from high performance alloy with high precision processing, long service time, and outstanding advantages.

Batte extrusion melt pumps were exported to Singapore, India, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Philippines, South Africa, UK, Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Russia, Australia, etc. Our products have received CE certification.

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