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    ZB-R rubber gear pump
    Rubber gear pump(ZB-R) is also named as extrusion melt pump or gear pump for rubber, and has the function of automatic cleaning efficiency, simple design, optimization of the fluid channel. Pulse rate is lower under high pressure differential.
    RS double shaft rubber pump
    Batte double shaft rubber pump belongs RS series rubber extrusion pump, and double shaft driver of this type melt pump can effectively improve the power, stabilize output, and reduce gear wear down.
    ZB-U gear metering spinning pump
    ZB-U gear metering spinning pump is mainly used for spinning pump for nonwoven extrusion, and so it also called spinning pump for nonwoven extrusion and gear structure is its basic property.
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Batte is one of gear pump manufacturers supplying extrusion melt pumps. Melt pump also called extrusion gear pump for gear sturcture.