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Hydraulic Pump Station and the development of hydraulic components Profiles

Hydraulic Pump Station also known as the stations are independent h- ydraulic device. It requested by the oil gradually. And controlling the hydraulic oil flow direction, pressure and flow rate, applied to the mainframe and hy- draulic devices separability of hydraulic machinery. Users will be provided after the purchase hydraulic station and host of implementing agencies (motor oil or fuel tanks) connected with tubing, Hydraulic machinery can be realized from these movements and the work cycle.

Tank -- plate welding semi-closed containers, also loaded with oil filtering network, air filters, used oil, oil filters and cooling. Electrical boxes -- at the two patterns. A set of external fuse terminal plate; distribution of a full range of electrical control.

Hydraulic Pump Station principle : motor driven pump rotation, which pump oil absorption from the oil tank. to mechanical energy into hydraulic pressure to the station, hydraulic oil through Manifold (or valve combinations) realized the direction, pressure, After adjusting flow pipe and external to the cylinder hydraulic machinery or motor oil, so as to control the direction of the motive fluid transformation force the size and speed the pace of promoting the various acting hydraulic machinery.

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