batte melt pump

The melt gear pump is configured for the extrusion process

With the continuous development of the rubber industry, rubber products and plastic products were flying trend, the increasing demand for rubber products. In particular, this year the family car flew into the homes of ordinary people, led the EPDM ethylene propylene rubber, NBR, SBR rubber raw materials and products of great development, including in the seal, resin modification, wire, cable, pipe and plastic runway. Due to the special nature of the rubber processing technology, it is very important to apply the gear pump specifically for rubber applications.

Better control of rubber process temperature

Due to heat or other factors, resulting in the rubber material into the vulcanization process has occurred before the partial cross-linking. MAAG "Rubbex" rubber pump system.

Plastic macromolecules from the linear structure into a network structure, that is, in advance curing. Since the vulcanization occurred before the normal vulcanization process, the conditions required for the vulcanization process such as temperature, pressure and time did not meet the technological requirements. Therefore, the rubber molecules only partially cross-linked, and the performance showed a decrease in viscosity and elasticity, The So in the rubber processing process, the process of operating conditions that the temperature control is very important. As a result of the gear pump, the gear pump plays a role in increasing the pressure, the extruder's head pressure can be reduced, so that the extruder melt pump flow and the corresponding shear force decreased, the extruder melt temperature rise High amplitude is reduced, the corresponding process temperature is easier to control.

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