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Melt pump for high-pressure applications

Melt pump for high-pressure applications are pumps for highest efficiency and high pressures. High-pressure gear pump sturdy construction makes them operate better than conventional extrusion gear pumps in some areas.

Melt pump for high-pressure applications

Melt pump for high-pressure applications application operational range:
Outlet pressure [bar]: Up to max. 700
Differential pressure [bar]: Up to max. 500
Pump size: 36 to 140
Specific volume [cm3/rev]: 11 to 959
Throughput range [kg/h]: 10 to 6,000
Viscosity [Pas]: Up to 30,000
Temperature [°C]: Up to 350

Melt pump for high-pressure applications benefits:
Rheological optimised flow channnels
Low-pulsation transport even at high differential pressures
Compact design
Can be used in high-pressure applications up to 700 bar
Flexible use thanks to simple retrofitting
High overall degree of efficiency thanks to field-leading tooth and bearing technology
Sturdy, compact design

Melt pump for high-pressure applications, with the optimized shape, meet all kinds of different requirements and as a result offer our customers completely new range of applications. Various options ensure flawless adaptation to any conceivable application, yielding the highest level of flexibility imaginable.

Melt pump for high-pressure applications technology:
Gear pumps for more stringent, indeed even the most exacting pressure requirements are made from the very materials: specially heat-treated, helical as well as spur-toothed shafts guarantee an excellent degree of efficiency. The innovative bearing design supports higher speeds and therefore higher throughput rates.

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