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Extrusion Control Systems
Extrusion Control Systems are complete solutions for automation with instruments and control components. Automation systems are as important as components for pumping and filtering plastic melts and elastomer mixtures.

PLC controller

Automation Extrusion Control Systems:
The automation systems are ideal for retrofitting to extrusion and compounding systems with extrusion melt pumps and melt filters.
Centralized operation, ideal control circuits and ongoing monitoring thanks to control systems ensure a significant improvement in the quality of the end product.
Do you own an old controller? The new range has been designed to replace all discontinued models.

Our experience of supplying extrusion control systems significantly increases the operational reliability and safety. Integrated statistical functions and process data memories facilitate auditable quality management. The influence of additional levels of freedom, such as adjustment of the pump upstream pressure via the target value (pump upstream pressure control), also increases the system's flexibility.

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