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Compounding Pumps for polyolefine melt

Compounding Pumps for polyolefine melt also called polyefin Compounding Pumps. Compounding processes require gear pump that builds up the pressure after the compounder for downstream equipment.

Compounding Pumps for polyolefine melt

Compounding Pumps for polyolefine melt benefits:
Processing of different polymer melts with a large viscosity range
Flow-optimised flow channels
Comprehensive heating
Gentle handling of the polymer melts thanks to special gearing with low squeeze
High level of overall efficiency, minimised friction thanks to state-of-the-art gear and bearing technology
Low-pulsation pumping even at high differential pressures
Compact design
High lifetime and service life
Reduced wear on extruder housings and coils

Polyefin gear pump application operational range:
Outlet pressure [bar]: Max. 320
Differential pressure [bar]: Max. 300
Pump size: 3 to 100
Throughput range [t/h]: 1 to 120
Viscosity [Pas]: Up to 20,000
Temperature [°C]: Up to 350

Thanks to special gearings with low squeeze effect, the compounding Pumps for polyolefine melt is ideal for these types of applications. The high level of efficiency and long service life increase the overall efficiency of your production plant. Extensions with shaft and bearing tempering facilitate the efficient removal of heat, and consequently a tremendous increase in throughput as well as a positive impact on product quality.

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